Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break......At Last!!!!

Spring break at last!!  Time for a little rest & relaxation, some outdoor fun, and throw in a bit of reflection too and you've got yourself some spiritual healing!......I am finally posting pictures of Logan's first year, and oh, the changes he's been through!!!  To view the slide show, just go to the "View my complete profile" link to the right, then find the word "posts" either above or below the picture of Logan and Landon in the go cart and there will be a post titled "My First Year".  It's amazing to look back and reflect on how wonderful, amazing, challenging, "hit the ground running," times were in his first year.
There was no time for thinking, resting or relaxing.....mostly physical healing.  But looking back through the years, adds more peace to my mind of what he has conquered, developmentally and emotionally.  In addition to Logan's conquers, comes mine as well.  As parents, we constantly put our own needs and feelings on the back burner the moment we have children.  But those of us who have children born with craniofacial differences that have multiple surgeries (and by multiple, I mean several surgeries that might even happen in the same year) may be stricken with suppressing all that is egocentric, and forgetting to take care of ourselves. 
Faith and praying is very healing and can lift up our spirits, or better yet take away our burdens.  But taking time to take care of ourselves can be the best gift that we give ourselves.  But we must give ourselves this gift - guiltless.  Realizing that God wants us to enjoy the life He has given us, and it's OK to do something for ourselves.  I have done just that already on this spring break, and as we are now on the down slope of our break, I appreciate what I have been able to do:  I have spent time with a friend, laughed, sat drinking coffee and being still, and shopped!  These were all selfish things, but all very guiltless.  I feel like a refreshed mom and wife now, and time for some more fun!  Family fun!  I am also happy to say that my husband is able to do the same - get away and do something for himself.  No workNo worriesNo guilt.
As for the "something" for our whole family, we will be looking forward to the CCA Retreat this June, and hope to finally meet and connect with other families and share stories.
Take care of yourselves, and the rest comes naturally!

Until next blog,
God Bless,

Lisa Brown