Sunday, January 18, 2015

Look out world, Logan is 13!

Thirteen years ago, this boy came into our world and showed us love we had never imagined.
The NICU doctors came to us with large medical text books because they were not sure what was wrong with our baby boy and began running test after test.  We had no idea what was happening and weren't even sure if he was going to live.  He defied the odds.

Thirteen years ago, this boy was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome.  1 in 160,000 children are born with this condition.  He defied the odds.

Thirteen years ago, the NICU doctors told us he may have average intelligence, but there was a possibility he might have mental retardation.  He is mainstreamed in his classes at middle school with some support, and is holding his own.  He defied the odds.

Thirteen years ago, this boy endured five major surgeries by the time he was one year old.  Three of them were to remodel and build his skull;  two of them were to separate his fingers and toes.  They said he may not have full function with his fingers, due to the fact that they are fused at the knuckles and they do not bend like ours.  He now buttons, zips, writes, types, texts, plays with every electronic gadget there is and puts together the tiniest Lego pieces there are.  He defied the odds.

Thirteen years ago, God blessed these two newly parents with a test.  A test that we're still taking.  I'm sure somewhere along the way, we have failed some pop quizzes here and there, but we learn along the way and take it one day at a time.

Thirteen years ago, after Logan's first cranial vault remodel surgery at 12 days old, his surgeon told us, "he is a fighter, I can tell.  He sure likes to drink his milk and fight."  Steve's great aunt Virginia Gray, who is about to turn 100 years old in October of 2015, wrote and published a poem in a book of poetry, and dedicated it to Logan back in 2003.  Her dedication stated:  "I felt compelled to write a poem to the devastated parents, as though I were Logan, talking to them.  I've written comical poetry, occasionally, for family members, never realizing God had blessed me with a real talent......I am Logan's great great aunt."
Here is her published poem:

I'll Drink My Milk and Fight
Written for Logan Brown
When I hear mommy crying
And see daddy by her side,
I'm sure they're really trying
To be brave-though mystified

But I know something they don't know
In time.  I'm gonna be alright.
I know cause Father told me so.
If I drink my milk and fight.

God has prepared my special "Doc"
He's the best of his kind around.
When he's finished, I'll be in good shape.
My head may hurt but I'm not down.

This is not over, but soon will be.
I'll be home to stay, just wait and see.
So, mommy don't cry and don't be blue.
Lean on daddy, he wears a big shoe.

Daddy, don't fret about all the bills.
You know my Father, beyond the hills.
He didn't make a mistake with me.
I'm gonna have scars, but so does He.

Virginia Gray
Copyright @ 2003 by the International Library of Poetry
Watermark Press; Owings Mills, MD

Fast forward to now, 13 years later.  Logan stills drinks his milk, is still a fighter, and still defies the odds.  I'm so proud to be his mom, and can't wait to see him inspire others and soar in life!
Happy Birthday Logan!