Monday, June 19, 2017

Shoes for Splayed Toes!!


Apert Friends!

We finally found some tennis shoes that are designed for splayed toes.  I stumbled upon these because we went to a sports store to specifically seek out some shoes recommended by Logan's surgeon, called Hoka Shoes.

We arrived at the store, but unfortunately they did not carry the size that my son needed.  I explained the situation to the salesman (who, by the way looked very athletic and understood what I was describing:  over-pronation, splayed toes).  So he said to me, we have this other shoe that is specifically designed for splayed toes, and he showed us this shoe.  I about fell over.  I have never, in 15 years of searching for the right shoe for Apert feet (at least good for comfort, standing and walking) found a shoe that fits the criteria.   Until now.

I thought I would share this shoe with you, because as your child grows into a teen, it seems to be harder to find a great shoe to fit them without pain and discomfort.  Especially when they go into high school and walk long distances from class to class.  We had to spend about $124 on them, but that is less than what we have spent in the past for a shoe + memory foam insert.  They carry these in men and women's.

Hoka shoes may still be in our future, but right now, Altra Shoe is the route for this Apert kid.

Today was his first day at an all day band camp, and his words to me regarding his shoes:
"I could barely even feel that I had shoes on.  My feet finally didn't hurt."  He has been complaining about his feet hurting for over a year!  (No bone spurs, etc.)

Just passing on a resource.  I do not work for this company nor get any kickbacks, :)

God Bless,